How to win a multi bet

Express is a simultaneous bet on 2, 3 or more events. To win with the express bet, you need to win every express event. A loss in any of the events automatically makes the entire express game a loss.

Why then make express bets if there are such high risks of defeat? The fact is that the total coefficient of an express train is equal to the product of all its markets. Therefore, very high quotes can be found even in those express trains that contain only 3-4 markets.


We will put it in the William Hill betting shop for the next matches of the Russian Premier League and Europa League. Total of 4 events, in the match Zenit – Kuban we bet on Zenit, in other matches we bet on draws. We will make single bets and express bets.

  • Each of the single bets will be $ 100. They can bring us $ 380, $ 128,$ 320, and$320 if you win. The maximum win for single bets is $1,148;
  • In another experiment, we put the same$ 400 on an express bet. The total coefficient is 49.80. Boxing betting Canada gives a coefficient of 51.59, since most bookmakers have bonuses for express bets, but we will focus on the real coefficient. 400*49.80 = 19 920$

If all the residents play, we will get $ 1,148, while the express prize will be$1,920. The difference is more than 17 times! If this express contained a couple more events with coefficients 4-5, then the total coefficient would be about 1000, and 400 of our dollars would turn into 400 thousand dollars. The example shows that express bets can generate huge income, but they have many disadvantages that are invisible at first glance.

Disadvantages of express bids

  1. High risks. If in the above example only a draw in the Ural-CSKA match plays, then the loss on single bets will be only$ 20, and any 2 or 3 winning markets will already bring income. In the case of an express train, you only need to hope for the passage of all 4 events, in other cases, the express train “will not reach”.
  2. Large bookmaker margin. If the bookmakers ‘ quotes are correctly calculated, then when such markets are added to the express, the margin will only increase. That is why bookmakers do not spare bonuses for players who collect express trains from a large number of markets. It is worth noting that when you add value quotes to express, the advantage over the bookmaker increases, but it is very difficult to find such markets in the line.

Advantages of express bets

  1. High odds.
    Few players will risk putting a large amount of money on an ordinary event with a coefficient of 8.00, but if it is an express of three events (coefficients 2.00, 2.00, 2.00), then there are many more people willing to bet.
  2. Play with low amounts.
    Naturally, the player decides for himself how much to bet, but many simply collect express with a coefficient of 50-200 and put 50-100 rubles on it. The amount is small, so the loss will not shake the budget, but if the express suddenly “reaches”, then the gain will be impressive.


No matter how attractive express trains may seem at first glance, most professional players refuse them. In extreme cases, the express includes no more than two events, which in combination give a coefficient of 2.00-3.00.

You can bet small amounts on express bets and hope for a miracle, as most players do, but you don’t need to take such earnings seriously.

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