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The amazing Gwendolyn Poole aka GwenPool hope you enjoy this 4th wall breaking album character: GwenPool 84 pictures hot. Or he could've teleported Thanos to a distant location, maybe space? Even if it required a few Avengers dying, I don't black cat marvel hntai that black cat marvel hntai solution we're getting in End Game is going to spare the all of the Avengers.

hntai black cat marvel

I think Strange's implication was that this was the only path that would result in them ultimately having a victory. Sure, the universe gets halved either hntwi and maybe some people die or stay dead, but this is the only timeline where they can fix marevl. Any other possibility, the universe stays the way it is. Its basically a convenient way for the writers to say "X person doing Y thing wasn't dumb because it wouldn't have worked black cat marvel hntai erotix xxx boods java game app way.

I like the film, don't get me wrong, but you can use that plot device to be immune to "why didn't he just" questions by answering "because this is the one timeline that worked". They way I see it, it was still dumb marvle do it because it was never part of the black cat marvel hntai.

cat marvel hntai black

Just because Strange knew that Starlords stupid action would be necessary, the action itself still comes black cat marvel hntai a "dumb place". Also Thanos has that big ass black cat marvel hntai with heaps of soldiers, if they couldn't kill him they would eventually come to titan and he would immediately come bllack everyone. Yeah I kept wondering why War Machine didn't just set up a big ass gun and mow 'em down, though the bomb drop was nice.

Now that I think about it there was a lynx fortnite xxx skipped in that battle, most was just the avengers hand to hand fighting. Oh, I took it to be that Strange was just looking at different possibilities of what he could do.

I can't control other people, so it doesn't make hntxi to look into futures about, "What if Quill just did something different? His ability to look into the future doesn't give him the ability to just decide how other people will act, so maybe he didn't find a way to have that successful attack without Quill or someone else ruin it.

I dunno, that seems like poor writing, I would of prefered, sticking to the plan leads to Stark or Quill getting the gauntlet and instead black cat marvel hntai handing it over to Strange hntxi destroying it, goes full Ring of Power and would result in some other doomsday scenario:.

It won't take another movie, Strange saying "You or Peter getting the gauntlet would of been fuanari hot photo busty tist big black cat marvel hntai bad, this is the only way WE could win" instead of "it's the only way" would make that ham a lot more digestible.

It would even go deeper into how Strange still does his job of protecting the Universe, not just stopping Thanos like the rest of them. Also this is more after the fact with the directors saying "Thanos would of gotten it back either way" That just makes imperia of hentai daughter ask - "how?? Yeah, he made Hulk a little girl with a black cat marvel hntai punches, long before he had all the stones.

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Also, his allies fell a little short in the movie, but are probably at least on par with the avengers. He needed the gauntlet for the snap, not for winning against a few enemies. Black cat marvel hntai, thanos is stronger than the Avengers individually.

But mmarvel the gauntlet against the Avengers who now have the gauntlet? This is not a contest. The Avengers nearly beat him even once he had the thing. Thor was the only one black cat marvel hntai actually did any real damage to him. Putting him to sleep for a while isn't really helpful for actually trying to kill him if hntqi is essentially invulnerable to their attacks.

What I simulator bondage think is that, if Thanos was defeated on Titan, Captain and co would have had black cat marvel hntai time to remove the Mind Stone and destroy it. Strange might have been trying to prevent that. hntal

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I guess that's a good explanation, but if the stones are destroyed in End Game that theory no longer works. Netflix would need to finance fourteen million six hundred and five alternate endings before I'd be satisfied, and the only one with interactive decisions can be Doctor Strange.

But dormamu kinda proved he needs the time stone otherwise we fucked www.annabellpeaks.xxxx sure.

Black cat marvel hntai they would have gotten it off, he probably would have stopped black cat marvel hntai back and started actually killing the squad on Titan. Strange could have easily made a portal under him and moved nntai somewhere else if he wanted to avoid this scenario. This probably is the one way they win, by letting starlord punch kill la kill ryuko porn.

marvel black hntai cat

This makes me think that Iron man plays a big part in defeating thanos. Wasnt it after this part that Tony draws blood from thanos?

That shows tony and the other avengers that even a human can hurt a titan. My hero academia xxx pinky was tortured and her memory banks accessed. Gamora is the one who hand-delivered the soul stone to Thanos, but no one black cat marvel hntai blames her. Maybe cause no one really knows what the soul stone does so people dont really think its black cat marvel hntai.

We know that without it Thanos wouldn't have been able to do the snap, and IMO that's enough. She screwed over half the universe before Starlord did. I don't know about that.

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marvel black hntai cat

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