How does the express bet work?

Express in bids: what is it and how to set it?

One of the most popular trends in sports event forecasts is express betting. What is it? What is the difference between express betting and predicting the outcome of a sporting event? Should beginners try their hand at express betting and what nuances should be taken into account?

This will be discussed in the article. We will answer all these questions with examples and help you understand the calculation of odds and winnings.

What is an express bid?

Express sports betting is a bet with a bookmaker on the correct forecast of several sporting events at the same time. In order to win and get a win, you need to make the right choice in several combined events at once. You can only pay out if each of your express bet choices is correct. How does it work? Here is a simple example.

For comparison, in regular bets, you make a forecast for the outcome of a football match. You make a bet, choose “your” winner in the game, and get a win with the desired outcome, taking into account the coefficient. In the case of express bets, everything looks more complicated.

You need to make the right prediction for winning several sporting events at once: Chelsea will beat Inter in a European football match, the Los Angeles Lakers will defeat the Boston Celtics in the basketball derby of the season, and Novak Djokovic will beat Roger Federer in the final stage of the tournament playoffs.

How it works: An express bet is a combined bet on two or more sports events that are not related to each other. The bookmaker pays out winnings only if all your choices turn out to be correct. Even if one of the bets fails, you lose the entire bet amount.

It is also worth noting that the winnings are paid out in cases when the bookmaker calculates a part of the winnings by “refund”. If one of your bets turns out to be correct, and the rest are calculated on a return with a coefficient of 1.0-you will still make a profit.

How is the coefficient and win rate calculated for express trains?

Let’s move on to the most interesting part – calculating profit based on correct sports forecasts for combined events. This is the betting option that both beginners and professionals love. And the point here is in the significant amount of payments.

The coefficients for express bets are formed by multiplying all the coefficients on each of the individual bets. The multiplier is rounded to two decimal places by the bookmaker.

How does this count? Here is another example.

You choose an express bet for three sports events: football, tennis, and basketball. For clarity, let’s take all the same matches of Inter with Chelsea, Los Angeles Lakers with Boston Celtic and Federer’s derby with Djokovic. The bookmaker chooses the odds for Inter’s victory of 1.8, for Boston-Celtic – 2.4, and for Djokovic’s success – 1.4. You make predictions on these outcomes.

Your express rate will be:

1.8 x 2.4 x 1.4 = 6.04

Agree that bookmakers give such a coefficient in one match only for the victory of clear outsiders of the match. And such victories are quite rare. If you want to get the maximum profit at one time – express bets in bookmakers are considered one of the best options.

If you place a total bet of$ 100 on the combined wins of Inter, Boston-Celtic and Novak Djokovic, then your potential win is:

100$ x 6.04 – 100$ = 504$

Now see how much you get on the correct prediction in these matches, if you make classic single bets:

100 x 1.8 – 100 = 80$

100 x 2.4 – 100 = 140$

100 x 1.4 – 100 = 40$

Your total winnings for split bets are only $ 260. And this is taking into account the fact that you placed a bet of$100 on each individual event.

Features of express bets

Among the features of this type of betting are::

  • Multiple bets on unrelated events at once;
  • Loss if at least 1 value is lost;
  • Multiplying betting odds;
  • Different quotes in different BC’s;
  • Good forecasts from analysts for more likely events.

Experts are ready to share profitable schemes of express sports betting for every day. For betters, daily bets with high cross-country ability are offered, and you can make good money on the game if you react correctly and on time. It is better to choose lines with a minimum kef of 1.5-1.6. Such betting sets are optimal for bettors who do not have the opportunity to engage in pre-match analytics.

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