Refund of the bet in the express

Express bets in sports betting are a popular type of betting that allows you to achieve high odds. The calculation of such multi-spacers has a number of nuances. Let’s look at what to do when one or more options are calculated with a refund in an express bet.

What is a refund in sports betting and when does it happen

Refund in sports betting — calculation with a coefficient of 1.00, that is, payment to the player of the amount of his bet in full. No gain or loss. The client has placed 100 rubles, and the operator will return 100 rubles.The client has placed 30 thousand rubles, and the operator will return the same amount.

There are different situations in which a bookmaker uses this type of calculation:

  • the bet type itself provides the possibility of a full or partial refund with a coefficient of 1.00;
  • the event didn’t take place for one reason or another;
  • the game ended early. For example, if one of the opponents refuses to continue the meeting due to an injury;
  • suspicion that the match was unsportsmanlike or contractual in nature;
  • an error was made when setting the coefficients.

“Non-game” refund situations are described in detail in the rules of operation of each bookmaker’s office. They may have differences. For example, in one BC, a return is made for an underplayed event in any case, no matter when it ends. And in the other — set the time frame when the match is considered to have taken place, for example, 35 minutes in a basketball match, which consists of twelve-minute quarters.

However, most refunds are made based on the calculation of bets that provide for this option. Let’s talk about them in more detail.

Types of refunds for European and Asian odds and totals

Returns in sports betting are mainly provided in odds and totals. They come in European and Asian types.

In the European format, bets on foram and totals are given as one-and-a-half fractions or integers. When you bet on the latter option, you can calculate it with a coefficient of 1.00.

For example, we make a bet for a football match with a total of more than 3 goals. Teams finish the game with a score of 2: 1 (or 3: 0), that is, they score exactly three goals, which completely coincides with our assumption, but does not exceed it. Therefore, the bookmaker only returns the amount we bet, and does not pay out the winnings. In this case, the winner of the meeting does not matter.

In Asian-type fors and totals, any bet involves the possibility of returning half of the bet amount. Here bets are indicated by quarter fractions — 0.25 or 0.75. They mean that half of the bet is calculated by the nearest integer, and the other half is calculated by the nearest half fraction.

For example, we bet 2.75 TB of the ball on the same match. If you score three goals in a match, half of the amount is returned, and the other half is calculated as a win. One is treated as TB 3 and the other as TB 2.5.

What is an express bet and how does it affect the return on bets

Now let’s understand what an express bet is. This is a bet that includes two or more outcomes, each of which must be entered for a total win. One failure means a complete loss of the entire express train. Even if all other bids are entered.

The odds in such a complex bet are multiplied. This allows you to achieve high quotes when a large number of outcomes are included in the betting coupon.

Mathematically, it is easy to understand what a refund of one or more bets placed in the express account will result in. Multipliers for these variants are replaced with units, that is, they do not give any multiplication. But they do not make the general express losing.

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